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Félix Blume (Narbonne, France, 1984) is a sound artist, sound engineer and sound investigator. He graduated from INSAS Film School in Belgium and an Audiovisual Technician Brevet in France. He currently works and lives between Mexico, France and Belgium collaborating with different directors and visual artists as Francis Alÿs among others.
His work focuses on sound recording, sound design for documentaries, feature films and video art. His sound-pieces are based on field-recordings using sound as a basic material with a very little treatment. Félix blurs the line between sounds and music by changing noise in sounds that eventually sheds a new light on the perception of the surrounding sounds. As a sound collector, he has a large sound library recorded from different parts of the world that he freely shares on the Internet.
The particularity of his work is that the audio and visual aspect are closely intertwined. Indeed, he makes a series of short videos about sound. His pieces were broadcast not only in galleries as video-installations but also in radios from all over the world: Arte Radio (FR), Kunst Radio (AT), Phaune Radio (FR ABC Radio (AU), Radio Panik (BE), Radio Grenouille (FR) among others, as well as in different spaces such as “Festival Monophonic” (Brussels), the “Instants Chavirés” (Paris) and “Labor 19” gallery (Berlin). His last work Los Gritos de México was granted the “Pierre Schaeffer” prize in the French festival Phonurgia (Paris) and an honorific mention in the Bienal de Radio in Mexico City.


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Most of my sounds are in CC, you're free to use them without any conditions.
Some stuff in the world should be free, and as the wind and the air, sounds are free!

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