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Here are your samples. They are absolutely one hundred per cent yours from now. You dont have to credit or tell me how do you use them. And by the way you can do what you want with them.

I know many of you guys have uploaded stuff up here even more often than me, but I have just realised today how MANY people have downloaded these packs, and I have to say that I am terribly proud of myself now.

Well, I've had to pay money to record some of those sounds, but they are still gonna be for free, and by doing this I can only be trying to say one thing.

The thing is: FUCK SOPA - FUCK ACTA.


By the way, my name is Antonio. I am a musician based in Bristol, I want to get myself a place in the music history, and I don't think I need copyrights for that.

If you're from around Bristol, I want you to know that I'm trying to start a band (I've been for years). I have songs already, but not yet finished like with all instruments and voice. But you can hear what I've got if you like, I can send the material to you. They are not uploaded anywhere in internet for the only reason that they're not finished and that would be weird. But sure they will be.

If you're interested in having a listen, send me a message.
(The style of the music is kind of industrial / cyberpunk. but it rocks)

I'd be looking for any musician interested in this project, because I kind of need someone else to not get stuck. but at some point I'll have to be looking for a vocalist.

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