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I was born on the February 24th 1992, in Athens, Greece. Since my 7th birthday, when I was handed my first guitar, I have been developing my musical skills and exploring the unique nature of sound. By the age of 16, I had already reached the 6th Grade in both the piano and violin, while I was leading a Death Metal band, “Before The Devil Knows You Are Dead”, being the main vocalist and side-composer. The band stayed in the 1st place of MySpace Music Greek(Any Genre) Charts for over 1 year, and had a lot of succesful live performances.

Later on, I combined my computer skills which I gathered from my passion for video games, my musical knowledge, and my interest on films, to discover the art of Sound Design. After creating my personal home studio, extensive reading and self-research for 3 years (while I worked my day job as a tattoo artist ), I decided to find some relevant seminars, in order to enhance my skills. I chose SAE Institute, the most respected Audiovisual university in Greece, and attended two 3–month intensive seminars, covering Electronic Music Production and Sound Design For Video Games & Film, respectively.

Currently, I am working on several short films and I have been involved with Boom Recording, ADR, Dialogue Editing, Foley Recording, Sound Design, Audio Mixing & Mastering, and covered all of the sound deparment positions in the aforementioned films by myself. I aim to gather more work experience, further expand my understanding of Sound, and its perception by the audience.

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