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Well not much to say about myself, but that I love recording and designing sounds, and Freesound is a great place to share what I have worked hard on and get feedback and critique.

When my samples are used in your work I ask that you follow these guidelines:

1. Give Freesound credit. This is a priority.
2. Give me credit. Place my name in the credits or in the description if you use my samples in a video.
3. Send me a pm letting me know where you used my sample. (I'd like to enjoy the use of my samples too, you know.
4. Upload some sounds yourself! More that half of Freesound users have less that 5 sounds. MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
5. Tell your friends about the site and help it grow!

New tips and guidelines on my sounds:
1. Preview quality does not ideally reflect the quality of the downloaded file. If a sound does not sound just right, try downloading it before you make a final judgement (Especially on sounds with high bass or harmonic range)
2. When listening to my samples (with which I try to maintain the highest possible quality) be sure you have a decent pair of speakers or headphones (For the record, I use a pair of Sony MDR-XD200 headphones which really gives beautiful sound).
3. My audio recorder saves directly to 24 bit uncompressed wav files, and in a bid to maintain that high quality after trimming audio I will be uploading them as such. Please note; you cannot play these files in the regular windows media player and you may hear (As I have) strange artifacts in the preview audio online. Don't worry, these clicks are not in the downloaded file. I highly recommend a codec pack such as Windows Essentials Media Codec Pack (Available here: Which I install on any system I use. With that installed, you can use the included Media Player Classic to play just about any audio or view file easily and quickly.

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