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Ok. I uploaded but it is still waiting for moderation. I will send you a link to it when it gets moderated.

Beautiful Zagi. Again, god I'm so jealous, but in a good way.

For completeness :

SoundEffectsFactory is redistributing "packs" of sounds via the "downloads" page of their Facebook page, packs which include unattributed attribution-licensed Freesounds.

If ...

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this is awesome

Great recording thanks a lot!!!

owesome... i like it

Great works !!!! Thank you

I love how it sounds cute at first, but then it sounds really sadistic as well towards the end.


This is so amazingly beautiful, just lovely

Thanks , I am trying to match graphic flash on a website. I think this will work great.

Ouchy,my poor ears...
Oh well.Sounds nice for the background,
Thank you!


Thats scary


I was looking for something else, and stumbled across this and had to download it. It's great! I have to agree with everyone else who has said this, a longer version would be wonderful!

Creepy... but cool!

ima using for pong