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knip it

requires some cleaning but a great sample

thank you sir

The Raksha Bandhan celebration shows love and forethought of a sibling towards her sister and the other way around. This occasion is praised in different routes around India. This celebration ...

I also came to a country cottage next to a cow farm, mines is in North Spain.
The cows started making this noise last night (normally nights are really peaceful) and have been calling out all day. It sounds like they are in great distress. Even the dogs joined in howling.

I had a quick look on the internet to understand something about cow signals. There's tons on "cat talk" and "dog talk", but nothing about cows. It's as though we don't attribute "use" animals with any thoughts, emotions or inter-communication at all.

Your recording is practically the only thing in the whole web offering any insight at all. Strange considering the amount of cows kept. I saw a lorry this morning, maybe it took some cows/calves away for slaughter and this is what is distressing the herd today.

It's really sad.

I've no idea how someone can do this for a living.

I don't know why that comment posted three times...

it doesnt work for me...

Thank you very much! This sound source saved my project!

Thank you so much, this is exactly what I needed. Absolutely fantastic!

funny .. lol

Thanks! i used it for my eas alert

very good one!!!

I will be using as part of a children's game being developed for a college assignment. Thank you very much!