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why did you record this
o o

Great sample mate, exactly what I've been looking for! thanks

I am ver faszInated bi this sound.

One more for Block Breaker smile Thanks.

This werks so well

Thank you so much! Great sound, it was just what I needed. smile


i used it for gamemaker! smile

what bpm is it

I'm working on an automatic phone call quality classifier algorithm. It would be great if you can share some real phone call recordings which is bad in quality (with noise ...

Used in a school production of Charlotte's Web

thank you.. greetings from california

Hey there, I have a request.

For my new very emotional project, I would like a spoken voice in it.
I wrote this:

No words can describe my feelings. The ...

amazing dude! Thanks

thedapperdan... I wanna find you, and I wanna hug you... thanks!