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That is very nice. Feel free to make a link here to the show when ready

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I will be using a slice of this for my opening on youtube. thankssmile

Great sounds mate!

Very, very cool. Great job!

My name is GlenroyWilliams. I am writing a book, where some of the profit will be going to two charities in Toronto. The book has six sounds:
Sad wolf Woooo woooo woooo
happy wolf ahowl ahowl ahowl
young bear Growl growl growl
young lion roar roar roar
happy monkey He he ho ho he he ho ho
Owl Hoot hoot hoot
these sounds will be digitally produced and place in the book for the child to press when reading the book. how would some things like this cost?

I'll use it for my game

Awesome snare!

nice to see some love for stock aitken n waterman...thanks! grin

adding a clip of this to my streamlabs set up for twitch. great music. was this Krauka?

Thank you, this is very helpful.

i think i love you now :')

This great for my school project thx.

Love it, thank you