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this is shit

Great or bad? :x

What we can do? Ads, donations, I dont know


LOVE IT! I needed to use for my college graduation slide. Lots apreciation

That's exactly the sound I need for my video. Regards.

wau, nice thought

Using for fx in promo mixtape


Thank you for your track. I will use it as an intro for all video of the MOOC course I'm creating.

gay use this for their business, I'm sure of it. Because one man who works their transfers you to three different departments and you end up talking to him all over again. It's a good sound effect to give your quite office that rich call centre hustle and bustle sound effect.

This is amazing! Might be using this for music in my bachelors degree. We are making a game and this will fit perfectly. You will of course be creditted for this beatiful piece smile

I love it!

Dope noise for tweaking a radio