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Class assignment to do the foley for a scene of Wallace and Gromet

hi can someone record me a clean vocal saying "DJ Vibes". A sexy female & a normal male voice would do, thanks in advance

This hurts my ears ;-;


this is exactly what i was looking for! perfect for my slow motion bullet shell falling. thank you so much!

Download a little longer than usual, but not too bad. Thanks for your work!

Hi Bonjour. I’m directing a film called Plus-que-Réel (more than real), I like your sound and will use it. Thanks a lot for it smile Sj.

Great. Saved my day.



Thanks for you nice post to teach us more in this field.

Friend, forgive my ignorance, but are does the term barrage in this instance mean something like a dam, dyke or water sluice? In English these days that's a relatively rare usage - we hear (regrettably) more often of artillery barrages.

In any case these are extraordinary recordings The noise floor is very low and your choice of subjects great.

You sent me a virus....


Perfect for what I need. Thank you.