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nice reloading. thanks!

Its like a cartoon

Haha! Love this! grin

Really Thanx for your words and work !!!

cool sounds! great job!

Like it, thanks

That heaps scary! I'm going to use it in a video I'm making (I'll credit you in it smile

Mine downloaded in Mono?...

شكرا يا صديقي

Wow, can you give us the name of the astronomer who recorded this sound?

has been searching for this, thanks!

Ohhhhhmyyyyyyygoooooooooooooosh. The thunderrrrrrr. Thanks for this!

Hello smile

Thank you very much for your sharing.

I would like to use it on my uncompleted game. It will be on google play soon.

Could you please give me a permission?

Best regards,


Thanks I was looking for a SEMT Pielstick or Sulzer droan but yours is good, I assume thats at idle?

Hello !

Pour ceux qui comprennent mon langage je cherche une voix. Si c'est possible de me le faire j'en serai très reconnaissant.

Alors je veux une qui disent :