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Exactly what I was looking for, thank you!

Awesome man.

Can someone help make me a DJ sample saying
"Ladies and Gentleman, DJ BERTO dropping the hottest and the coolest beats you've ever heard" or
"Twin cities' # 1 DJ ...

Thanks, will use it for a small animation.

I wonder how hello_flowers would feel to know that 7 years later people still read this and think hes a prick

can't use your flac flies....bummed - as love your sounds.


Thanks for uploading. Now My smartphone with Task in tasker play this great flashback casio retro beep!

That's a cracking recording. Cheers.

very nice I like it

very nice!!

Nice! Thx

I'm using this for a radio spot, its all for school so it won't actually be on the radio. Thanks for posting this!

powerful, perfect:

Thanks just what I needed! grin