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    lucifer /you left me to die/

    underneath this audio file is a beautiful recording downloaded from freesound.
    whale.wav added by schluppipuppie/
    It blew my mind away.pure inspiration. both mental and physical.I want to thank again the whole community and schluppipuppie. hope one day I can give you something.
    here is a link :
    you can download, reconstruct, destroy and rebuild this file.whatever.just let me know.

    lucifer you left me to die
    no human eyes will see me again
    pain is real
    who gave me this emotions
    for the love of the only one
    I could make peace with all
    tormented soul burning
    but I've gone to far to give up now
    who'll share my madness
    who's god will save your loved ones
    I am evil just as you are
    I keep my promises
    and what I'm suggesting is illegal and can be claimed immoral
    evil will have it's revenge

    common knowledge.
    artists collective

    pleased to meet you hope you guess my name
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    ruff man. Some wiked textures there. I don't think I've quite heard hardcore like that before.

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