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    Voices needed please (male and female)

    Hi all,

    I am making an interactive, virtual 3D artwork. It’s a surrealistic piece about a woman who takes her own life because of domestic violence. I hope to include voices in the background at her funeral scene. I need several different voices (whispered, gossipy, secretive, conspiratory) to represent the funeral guests. I’ll use various voices (hopefully male and female), align them then loop the sound file so it repeats.

    Here’s the sentences needed. They are sort of snippets of conversation. If you would not mind recording all of them, I'll choose the ones the sound best together – one person speaking and a different one or two replying.

    • I had no idea he used to hit her.
    • No one knew. Marion didn’t tell a soul.

    • What time did she die?
    • Sometime around 7pm they say.

    • I was shocked to hear the news. She always seemed so happy.
    • You never know what really happens behind closed doors.

    • I heard he lost all their money too. Gambling.
    • She must have been desperate.

    • I wish I’d known how bad things were.
    • So do I.

    • Marion had such a kind heart.
    • It’s a great loss.

    • Did you know he had a mistress?
    • Did he? Well I’m not surprised.

    • Did she leave a note?
    • No, not a word.

    • I’ll always remember Marion’s smile. (wistful)
    • It’s such a sad way to go.
    • At least she’s at peace now.

    I’d greatly appreciate any help I can get. I need these by 19th March.


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