May 28th, 2013

Multiple sounds, some very different, all produced by the same Analog Box circuit. It was a final and closest (I think) attempt to recreate the Star Trek (original series) ship's phaser sound. By changing the frequencies of some of the oscillators (etc.) you can get very different sounding noises out of it. Interestingly, I think this sort of proves (to me, anyway) that multiple different sound effects from ST:TOS were done using the same mechanism, though perhaps with different filters and so on in addition to changing frequency settings. So this is a long-ish sampling from just one such circuit with some phaser-like sounds, some weird sci-fi mechanism sounds, a couple of which bearing some resemblance to the Star Trek astrogator sound, and some lower-pitched ship ambiance or engine types of sounds. When the pitch slowly changes, that is probably from me interacting with the control knobs during recording. Sorry I didn't take the time to split these up, or to create loops, but if I had to do that with all these variations in this and the other files, I would never get around to posting them. So you can do that extraction yourself.


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