September 23rd, 2019

I took a sinusoidal curve that I duplicated. I phased the second curve with parameters of: phases 18. I added the reverberation on the second track: reducing the treble tones to 5, the tones bass at 50 and pushing the reverb to 90. Then I added echo to both tracks. I added a noise track that I wanted to embellish to give the impression of a sound when outside. It makes you think of the sound of the air. For that, I modified the reverberation of the noise that I pushed to 85 then I modified the bass and treble sound. I changed the bass to -30 dB and treble to -25 dB. Finally I changed the output acute to 20 dB. The sound is reminiscent of a siren, an alarm outside.
I added another sinusoidal track that starts at 5 seconds, cuts at 10 seconds then returns to 15 seconds until the 19th seconds. It increases the amplitude of the sound.
I added bass rimset that add a drum effect to the sound. I duplicated this track 4 times then I made a temporal shift on these 4 tracks so that they follow each other in rhythm. They add dynamics to the sound.
I decided to break the linearity of the sound by removing 5 seconds of the noise track. One could think of a car going through a tunnel and where the sound of ambient air is no longer perceptible during this short period.
I let the drums sound after the end of the siren and the ambient air. As if we were watching a trailer where the image is no longer but the drum still resonates.
It could be a good song for film’s generic.


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