November 14th, 2017

I wanted to create a vocoder effect which looks like a robot so I used a record of my voice. In Audacity, I reduced the noise to 26db, sensibility to 10 and frequency to 12, then I compressed the sound (threshold-20db, level of noise 40, ratio 3:1 and attacks: 0.10 dry) to clear the record. Then, I added a new audio track and generated a noise on it (white noise, amplitude 0.8).
I transformed it in a stereo track by joining the two tracks, and added a special effect called "vocoder", I increased the number of vocoder bands, the amplitude of the white noise and the frequency of radar needles. The voice sounds artificial and robotic, it looks like an artificial intelligence speaking in a spaceship.

Then, I generated a new sound on another track, I used a wah-wah effect on it and the gain to make it less important than the voice. It looks like an alarm. The voice and the alarm together give the impression of a technical problem or a dysfunction in a spaceship.

Code typologie de Schaeffler : X' / X''
Masse : son cannelés avec mélange de sons complexes et de sons toniques (avec des hauteurs de note)
Timbre harmonique : éclatant, acide
Grain : rugueux
Allure : il y a un vibrato
Dynamique : l'attaque est abrupte
Profil mélodique : variations plutôt serpentines
Profil de masse : présence d'un "filtrage", d'une équalisation


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