November 14th, 2017

Tsunami in Japan was created with a mix of recorded songs and also the creation of several tracks.

First I generated 3 differents noises (I changed the height of the first one by reducing 2 times 30 half tons, I increased the height at the end for the second one and reduced a little the height of the third noise). I finished by adding reverb (60%) used "Wah Wah" effect and fade out. By doing this, I got the saturation that I wanted, creating the impression of the sound of a real tsunami.

After I used registered songs of seagulls, waves and sirens. I added reverb (39%) for all of my tracks and repeated the song of the siren 3 times. I also used the effect "normalisation" and used the effect "noise decrease" and fade in. I wanted that when the tsunami arrives, the sound looks like an explosion.
Description: Everything was perfect and quiet in this small island of Japan, the beach, the sound of the seagulls ... when suddenly we can hear the trembling sound of sirens. Yes, the tsunami is here, ready to destroy everything.


Descriptif selon la typologie de Schaeffer :
Typologie : continu complexe (X)
Masse : Groupe nodal avec sons complexes)
Timbre harmonique : acide, doux, puis granuleux et terne
Grain : Le son est plutôt lisse au départ puis rugueux à la fin
Allure : Pas de vibrato
Dynamique : Attaque douce et graduelle
Profil mélodique : Variation serpentine
Profil de masse : Site pour le son d'ambiance, qui apporte plus de profondeur. Calibre : pour l'équalisation utilisée pour nettoyer les fréquences perturbatrices (sons indésirables) et mettre en avant les éléments voulus.


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