November 14th, 2017

I generated a high-pitched sound with a square waveform, frequency (Hz) starting at 500 and ending at 1; amplitude (0-1) starting at 0.0 and ending at 0.1 with a linear interpellation by the duration of 0,227s.
Then, I create another track and I generated another high-pitched sound with now this setting:
Waveform: Square; Frequency (Hz): Start 1000, End 1; Amplitude (0-1): Start 0.0, End 0.1; Interpellation: Linear; Duration: 0,227s
I used the bass and treble effect with Bass (dB): -7.6, treble (dB): -1.8 and level (dB): -7.8. I duplicated it multiple times, always changing the sound’s pitch and speed to make it different laser’s guns. To make the sci-fi music in the background, I generated a high-pitch sound with these characteristics:
Waveform: Sine; Frequency: 440 Hz; Amplitude: 0.8; Duration: 10s.
Then I duplicated the track and I used the “wahwah” effect with these characteristics: LFO Frequency (Hz): 4; Start Phase (deg.): 0; Depth (%): 100; Resonance: 10; Wah Frequency Offset (%): 30.
After, I normalized the sound and I used the phaser effect with these measures: Phases: 4; Original/Modifiable: 128; Frequency: 2.7; Start Phase: 0; Depth: 74; Feedback: 20.
I changed the sound’s speed to 5s and I utilize the bass and treble effect to make it a little less high-pitched. Then I repeated the sound multiple times, adding a “fade in” and a “fade out” as well.

Typologie/morphologie de P. Schaeffer

N" (Itération tonique)
1. Masse : Groupe de son tonique.
2. Timbre harmonique : Le son est strident et aigre.
3. Grain : Le son est lisse.
4. Allure : L'allure est mécanique
5. Dynamique : L'attaque est peu graduelle dû au court fondu en ouverture, en caractérisant un début violent
6. Profil mélodique : Variation serpentine
7. Profil de masse : Site


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