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Here are three synthesized sounds for cellphones. I use them sounds as my ringtone (Incoming Call), SMS sound (Message Arrival) and wake (Alarm).

They are designed to be very penetrative and hard to ignore, as simple as possible and distinguishable.

Why did I make this? As a musician I don't want to use any music as my ringtone, because I often have my own musical ideas, so I want to
keep my ears clean" from any "outside melodies and rhythms".
Yet I found music to be ineffective as it's too quiet and a ringing phone is often left unnoticed. I made this to be as loud and as simple s possible.

Except for the Message Arrival sound (which is a short beep) other two are made to also illustrate the time passing. It's easy to know how long it's been ringing already before you heard it. Also it's easier to hear it because the sound is getting more intense.

The sounds were made with ZynAddSubFX (synth) inside LMMS (DAW). They have a little reverb.

I hope you'll enjoy using them.

  • Pack created on: May 26, 2012, 1:25 p.m.
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