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August 5th, 2022
Siren with echoes made with a synth keyboard
June 27th, 2022
Some drones I made to use in creepy ambiances, movies,…
January 27th, 2022
Metal bar suspended and hit with a stone.
August 31st, 2021
Different drones mix
April 15th, 2021
Tortured violin to make something creepy
March 16th, 2021
Slowed down frequences vith flanger effect and some ma…
April 12th, 2020
Somes stuff made with a very simple bell and echo trea…
April 12th, 2020
Made with an Hammond organ, and filters. Enjoy !
April 9th, 2020
A lot of manipulations to obtain this, but I like it.
July 25th, 2019
Some kind of bell treated with delay, echoes, to make …
July 25th, 2019
Some kind of sound made with an ordinary bell, with ec…
July 25th, 2019
Some kind of sound made with a bell, seems some sci-fi…