April 6th, 2015

Sorry, I'm too lazy to write a separate description for each sound in this pack, doing the processing is enough for my brain. So beginning with the final sound in this pack we have the finished developed sound, b.orange spot cube 2 cw3d2 end (final processed).wav, before that it was this (a.orange spot cube 2 cw3d2 (original unprocessed) and before that it was a few other things, but essentially it originated from this (orange_spot (original used for resynthesis) loaded into Cube 2. I then created a midi created a midi track with a few randomly selected note from low to high, pressed play, adjusted to taste and mixed down. I kept coming back to it for a few days, cutting, looping, processing, blah blah etc, but not really knowing what I wanted it to sound like. Then yesterday I was in a drone mood. Well, it was a brief sound so the logical step was to stretch. I did. So, time-stretch method with horrible unorthodox settings in Cool edit. Dtblkfx to the rescue with the positive contrast effect and also brought the pitch back up with harmshit effect (dtb again). Imported to Sonar 7, long effect chain: GRM Reson; Dtb timbre effect; Ozone Trash; Sonitus delay; Ozone ; and then VirSyn Reflect. More tinkering with Ozone 4 and Waves L3 in Cool edit.

It started with a short sample I found called "orange spot" (probably some image I converted to sound) resynthesised in Cube 2, and from there to the above finish drone. Included are some variations not related to the final sound, I just though they might be of use to those interested in aural explorations and adventures. (a. b.) are the before and after versions of the finished drone in this pack. Oh god, I really don't like writing about what I do, my mind is not designed to work in such a structured way, so apologies for this disjointed description.

I decided I wanted an abrupt beginning and ending. There are some near surface delay clicks, I left them in. Easy remedy, just cut and cross-fade/splice together, if it's any use at all that is. It has nice choral qualities with male and female like voices. I'm no professional, far from it, but it's the best I can achieve from the source audio. Feel free to apply your own effects to (a.) in inclined.

If you have any questions regarding usage of my sounds, please check the information on my profile first. Thank you.



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