March 30th, 2013

Kind of unplanned. I started out interested in silence and ended up with noise and rhythm. (Well, I started out with a few beers, but that's another story) (I really shouldn't be on the internet when I'm drinking, so apologies) This resulted from roughly nine seconds of sound card line-in silence recorded in Cool Edit which was amplified then stretched to approximately 1:36. I cut an interesting section out, looped it then applied dynamic processing with Ozone 4. Expansion on lower frequencies with slow attack and long release times. Gating on highs with fast attacks and longish release, heavy limiting throughout. Reprocessed several times with Ozone 4 in Cool Edit. Zero crossings at ends seem to work without clicks, but my hearing ain't perfect. I'll upload the original file in a mo' and try to specify the exact period the loop came from. God I talk a lot of shit and another long description for a short sound. I will say however that I think dynamic effects are very interesting and seem to have a strange effect on my ear; although the sound is just a repeating nine second loop, I hear different sounds in there. At one point I could hear a woman say choo choo, then I couldn't. Anyway, that's enough bullshit.


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    hirum 3 years, 4 months ago

    Awesome! This would make a great alternative to the overdone bass dropping sound effect that you see in every movie trailer nowadays.

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