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Hey there,

I think this is the place where I should speak a little bit about myself:

So I´m a guy who is trying to make the best out of his abilities.
I live in Germany and making tracks is one of my hobbies.
The first time I got in contact with the piano was at the age of 4.
I played around with it for 16 Years now and taught myself with the help of God little by little. I never went to music school or something like that.
But I´m pretty happy that I came this far.

I try to make regular posts which often doesn´t work because of school. -_-
So you´ll never know when the next one will show up haha.
Stay tuned to find out what´s next. (Peek: Instrumentals)

Feel free to check out my Bandcamp site, Youtube Channel, and Soundcloud page!


Youtube Channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeosmhMh4ZOYDkmWrCVxfww?view_as=subscriber


But most importantly: ENJOY!

(NOTE: Sounds are played back with reduced quality. It will sound better after you download it.)

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