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Karl James' The Dialogue Project does many things, including helping people to talk to each other by running workshops, using recorded and edited conversations to inspire people who listen to them and running Round Tables on subjects that people usually just find too hard to talk about.

In the last 18 months Karl has been exploring the subject of Pain talking to people like Yvette (who self-harms), Anjelo (who suffered a fire-bomb attack) and Nikki (who gets paid by people who wish to inflict pain on her.) "Astounding, moving and beautiful conversations." The Times

Sometimes the edits get a bit more artistic with music underscores. (Look out for the return of the critically acclaimed Intimate Conversations at the Latitude Festival and the Hay Festival in the summer of 2008 in the UK.)

thedialogueproject's latest sounds

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An AIFF recording of two lovely old guys playing the gamelan xylophone in Bali. Recorded last October with a PMD660 ...

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Here's the original version of the Mosquito device that's designed to repel teenagers from shops and streets. If you're over ...

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Falsely uploaded please see instead: KJ

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Anthony the therapist saying "PUSH" pitch and time shifted down using Amadeus. Original recording Tascam HD-P2 with Rode mics.

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Anthony the therapist saying "PUSH" reversed. Recorded using Tascam HD-P2 pitch shifted and reversed using my old friend Amadeus.