January 22nd, 2019

Solfeggios, Healing Sounds

UTqueant laxis 396 Hz liberation from guilt and fear
REsonare fibris 417 Hz Resonance with the Universe, undoing situations and facilitating changes
MIra gestorum 528 Hz Transformation, miracles and signs, repair of DNA
FAmuli tuorum 639 Hz Harmonious relationships and connections
SOLIVE polluti 741 Hz Awakening of intuition, expression and solutions, purification and dissolution
LAbii reatum 852 Hz Return to the spiritual order

Solfeggios, Healing Sounds
Solfeggio frequencies: self-treatment

A self-treatment with the healing sounds of the mystical Solfeggio frequencies can be done in a very simple way. This is based on a few basic knowledge of the topic and the different modes of action of the individual frequencies. Ultimately, however, a self-treatment depends on experiencing, enjoying and / or feeling the beauty and bliss of Solfeggio music in order to benefit from the positive effect.
When listening to the Solfeggio music, it is important to focus on your own body and well-being.

Relax Your Mind,
the very real Horst


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