January 22nd, 2019

Soundpieces of Solfeggio 528 Hz with different binaurals.

Solfeggio frequencies - Healing sounds

Solfeggio frequencies are specific vibrations and frequencies of sounds that should not only have a healing and health-promoting effect on our body, mind and soul, but also positively affect and repair our DNA. Solfeggio describes in music theory the theory of sound and music with ear training and singing exercises. The Italian word "solfeggio" is composed of the syllables "sol" and "fa", "sol" refers to the 5th tone of the respective scale, "fa" to the 4th tone. Over the centuries, a variety of tone systems with scales and sound series emerged. However, Solfeggio is still an integral part of music lessons and playing music in special Solfeggio frequencies has a very special effect on our body and mind.
Health promoting effect of Solfeggio frequencies

Solfeggio frequencies resonate with our cells and organs, i. they transmit the vibrations to our body and can thereby spread their positive effect on the whole organism.
There are different Solfeggio frequencies with different effects on the body and mind. These types of mystical frequencies were already known in antiquity and were used to treat physical and psychological complaints. In their Gregorian chants, for example, monks used these historical frequencies and saw in the transmission of vibrations to the body a health-promoting effect.
For a health-promoting effect or simply for the relaxation of body, mind and soul, the playback and intensive listening to music with Solfeggio frequencies is recommended. In case of health problems, however, a doctor should always be consulted for clarification and listening to Solfeggio frequencies should only be used as a supportive measure for the recovery process!
The Solfeggio Frequencies theme and its healing effects and related questions are attracting increasing interest: what exactly are Solfeggio frequencies? What are the different frequencies and what health benefits do these frequencies have on our body, mind and soul? What role do the seven chakras play with their various universal qualities, which have been important for millennia in the field of spiritual healing systems?


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    richy099 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    wow! just wow. the sounds speaks for itself!


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