January 3rd, 2018

Hello and welcome listening to binaural beat of Element
in pack: alchemical elements - sound experiences

In this pack I share some selected pieces of binaural beats referring to basic elements of ancient alchemy.
If You listen, you should use headphone.

SAL, Salt or Halit is chemical 11 Na (Natrium aka Sodium) and 17 Cl Chlorine.
While producing sound of Sulfur is a quick action, because it is a Solo-Element, Salt makes more work,
because there are at least two solo-elements to combine; okey ...

The first three sounds about SAL in the pack I share with You are:
11-17A2 NaCl Natrium [563,06 Hz] Chloride [173,62 & 208,57 Hz] BinA Diff Schumann 7,83
11-17C2 NaCl Natrium [105,842 Hz] Chloride [39,204 & 32,634 Hz] BinA Diff 2Schumann (Cortex) 15,66 Hz
As for the schumann resonance, you can find some informations about this subject here:
(Cortex refers to the benefit of using of binaural beats for meditation)
and a non-binaural stereo piece for You to compare.
11-17S NaCl Natrium [105,842 Hz] Chloride [71,838 Hz] Stereo NonBinA non-Diff

According to Paracelsus (1493–1541), the three primes or tria prima – of which material substances are immediately composed – are:

Mercury (Mind)
Salt (base matter or body)
Sulfur (Spirit)


Here the data for the SAL Binaural soundpieces I've worked with:
Sodium Na 11 26.451 563.06 606.99
Chlorine 35Cl 17 9.798 208.57 224.84
Chlorine 37Cl 17 8.156 173.62 187.16

You see, that there is Chlorine appearing twice in the list
(this occurs same in Bruker list of larmour-frequencies, that's why I used both and combined them first)

Have fun with these compositions
and spend a nice day,
the Horst from Germany


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