January 1st, 2018

Hello and welcome to Binaural Soundpiece of Sulfur 163,27 Hz with Diff wishbone 6,88 Hz.

In this pack I share some selected pieces of binaural beats referring to basic elements of ancient alchemy.
If You listen, you should use headphone.

I start with Sulfur:

According to Paracelsus (1493–1541), the three primes or tria prima – of which material substances are immediately composed – are:

Mercury (Mind)
Salt (base matter or body)
Sulfur (Spirit)


Here some data for the Sulfur Binaural soundpieces I've worked with:
Symbol/atomic number in periodic table/Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR Frequencies):
S 16 7.67 163,27 Hz 176,01 Hz

You may listen to binaural variations of Sulfur same NMR Frequency 163,27 Hz but different intervals:

Binaural Creations of Sulfur in these sounds on NMR 176,01 Hz
You can read the distance to the core tone from the name of the soundfiles.

For comparison with the basic or target tone, I added a Sulfur Stereo sound of 163.27 Hz as a audio test for You in this pack.

Have a nice day
and fun with these compositions,
the Horst from Germany

Some informations about Sulfur as a homoeopathic remedy (if You are interested):



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