March 25th, 2015

Singing Bowl 577 Mercury with double Neptun (Version 3), 5:38 Min

Tibetan Bells and Sounds from Outer Space,
a pathway to Inner Peace. Sounds for relaxation and meditation
this is the very real Horst from Duisburg Germany with another Soundpiece of tibetan singing bowl attributed to planets of our solar system; frequencies are:

Grundton: D/141,27 Hz/Merkur [Merkur 2]
1. Oberton: Gis/422,8 Hz/Neptun [Neptun 4]
2. Oberton: Gis/845,2 Hz/Neptun [Neptun 5]
Durchmesser ca. 225 mm, Höhe ca. 97 mm; Gewicht 1255 Gramm.

Sound will be used as a modul in our soundproject "Tibetan Bells and Sounds from Outer Space" at YouTube-Channel :
The Singing Bowl was treated with different mallets [drumsticks].

Planets Mercury and Neptune in Astrology are known for :

"Mercury, the messenger of the gods, is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo. Mercury is the messenger in Astrology as it is in Mythology. It is the planet of day-to-day expression and communication. Mercury's action is to take things apart and put them back together again. It is an opportunistic planet, decidedly unemotional and curious.
In modern times, we tend to "meet" people's Mercury first. Many people make a connection for the first time through e-mails, for example. Mercury rules whether we are flowery in our speech and/or written words, concise in our choice of words, or business-like even in our personal communications.
Mercury not only rules communication, it represents coordination. Thought processes, ideas, and sensory information from both unconscious and unconscious sources all need to be coordinated and understood. Mercury analyzes, sorts, groups, and makes sense of things. How does we handle nervous energy? How do we express and convey our thoughts? How do we approach others and information in order to learn and exchange ideas?
When we are "acting out" our Mercury, we are inquisitive, curious, communicative, and versatile. On the negative side, we can be high-strung or nervous, nit-picky, indecisive, and overly technical.
On a personal level, look to Mercury in the chart to reveal how individuals get their point across, how they study, and how they process information. Mercury by sign shows an individual's style of communication. By house, Mercury reveals where natives seek to have a voice as well as which areas of life they tend to intellectualize and give a lot of thought to. Mercury colors the planets it aspects with a desire for communication and exchange of information. Similarly, the planets Mercury aspects affect the way an individual communicates. Mercury prominent in a chart points to wit, liveliness, and curiosity."

"Neptune, God of the Sea, is the ruler of Pisces. In astrology, Neptune is considered a planet of inspiration, dreams, psychic receptivity, illusion, and confusion. Neptune rules spirituality, and all things subtle. A youthful, and sometimes naive, spirit characterizes those with a strong placement of Neptune in their natal charts.
On the up side, Neptune is associated with intuition and spiritual enlightenment. As well, it is a planet of mercy and compassion. The more negative manifestations of Neptune include deception, trickery, deceit, guilt, and addiction.
In the chart, the position of Neptune by sign will be shared with other people in the same generation due to Neptune's slow movement in the heavens. By house, Neptune's position shows where intuition, dreams, and psychic sensitivity come into play. Natives may be able to rise above the demands of the ego in the areas of Neptune's influence.
Planets that Neptune contact are often colored by fantasy and dreaminess, and a vulnerable nature that may be susceptible to disillusionment. Here, we find hope that is sometimes unrealistic, a poetic and intuitive outlook, and compassion."


Neptune in combination with Mercury:

"Mercury conjunct Neptune
With Mercury conjunction Neptune in your chart, you are highly intuitive and creative. You have a real appreciation for artistic and literary endeavors, especially fiction and fantasy, and many of you are talented in the arts. It can be hard to focus on straight facts, or to be objective, because your perceptions are often distorted (or enhanced) by your wishes and dreams. Your mind often wanders, and you are often found daydreaming. You are excellent at visualization and creative expression. You may not have a lot of confidence in your ability to communicate effectively, simply because there can be a lot of hesitation or confusion in your self-expression, but generally others find you intriguing and creative. In fact, you might be a fascinating story teller. Stretching the truth can be a problem with this conjunction, and it is not always done consciously. Your imagination is strong, and it often colors your perceptions. You resist being pinned down to a particular opinion or stance, largely due to the fact that you see so many ways of looking at something. Routine or dull learning programs are unlikely to stimulate you. You long to connect to something higher and larger, and so you tend to glamorize or dramatize.
Sample interpretation from our Career report -- Mercury/Neptune contacts indicate an active imagination, sensitive perceptions, and heightened intuition. Your mind is open to the more subtle or spiritual aspects of reality. You have a gift for sensing public moods and anticipating future trends. In adversarial relationships, you readily sense your opponent's motives and potential strategic moves. This skill is useful for fields as diverse as diplomacy, creative writing, journalism, marketing, financial investing, military planning, and psychic investigation. The creative and imaginative aspects of Neptune often indicate a talent for art, music, painting, sketching, acting, film, photography, and so on. You may have an interest in studying Neptune-ruled matters such as oils, gases, chemicals, medicines, or anything involving the feet. You could also be interested in hypnosis, counseling, meditation, dream analysis, psychic phenomena, and spiritual development. If this conjunction forms stressful aspects, you may have problems paying attention or be prone to dreamy, nebulous, or illogical thinking.
Sample interpretation from the Merlin report -- Your mind does not function in a linear, logical manner and you are often unable to express your thoughts in simple, everyday language. Symbols, images, art, or music better express your ideas. Flights of imagination and fantasy carry you into strange and beautiful worlds, and you could develop the ability to transcribe some of your perceptions to share with others, for example, by writing fantasy, fiction, lyrics, or poetry. You are sensitive to nuances and possess intuitive or psychic gifts, but you may become confused between imagination and true perception. You have a strong mystical and idealistic bent, and have difficulty concentrating your attention on practical or mundane activities. You are strongly attracted to metaphysical and spiritual topics."


for more Information please visit:
Thanks for listening and
find true Peace on Your Way
the very Real Horst


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    GeladeiraSonora 9 months ago

    Thanks for the phonogram and especifications. I use in my class of soundtracks, in the topic search sounds by the moods.

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    mlesavi 1 year, 5 months ago


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    Xtina6 2 years ago

    Hi there

    I used this piece of Tibetan bowl & someone who is not connected to you made a copyright claim. I am hoping to resolve this & put your name as the credit.

    My email is Christina.writer@yahoo.co.uk

    Many thanks

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    ahfaye18 2 years, 9 months ago

    Thank you very calming.

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    prisleegl 3 years, 9 months ago

    May I know how can I give credit?

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