June 3rd, 2014

today I like to share a sound composition including sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowl frequencies atributed to moons not an dwarft planet MakeMake and four binaural beats with the four main frequencies of MakeMake.
About MakeMake, (minor-planet designation 136472 Makemake), he is a dwarf planet and perhaps the largest Kuiper belt object (KBO) in the classical population with a diameter that is about 2/3 the size of Pluto Makemake has no known satellites, which makes it unique among the largest KBOs and means that its mass can only be estimated. Its extremely low average temperature, about 30 K (−243.2 °C), means its surface is covered with methane, ethane, and possibly nitrogen ices.
Initially known as 2005 FY9 and later given the minor-planet number 136472, it was discovered on March 31, 2005, by a team led by Michael Brown, and announced on July 29, 2005. Makemake was recognized as a dwarf planet by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) in July 2008. Its name derives from Makemake in the mythology of the Rapanui people of Easter Island.


Creation myth

Makemake is the creator, and fertility deity of Easter Island culture. The local creation myth tells following story [4]: after makemake created the Earth, he felt that something was missing. On the day he realized his reflection in a water-filled gourd. Because in that moment just a bird landed on his shoulder, he saw his face with wings and beak. He breathed life into this image and so it was his firstborn. Then, he wanted to create a being that could talk as he and he breathed life into the water, so that the fish was. But the result was not the one you want and so he breathed life into even a stone on land, and so it became the first man. Makemake saw, that this man was lonely, he created the woman. He then gave them Rapanui (Easter Island) as their country.

Frequencies of MakeMake are as listed in tables of planetware:

Planetenton Makemake
Frequenzen: 56,22 - 112,44 - 224,87 - 449,74 Hz

You're listening to a sound from Tibetan Singing Bowl Moons Nodes / MakeMake:

Grundton: Ais/468,3 Hz/Mond-Knotenumlauf
1. Oberton: A/899 Hz durch 2 = 449,5 Makemake
Durchmesser ca. 115 mm; Höhe ca. 61 mm; Gewicht ca. 335 Gramm

combined with 4 kinds of different Binaural Beats of MakeMake frequencies as noted above.
Binaural Beats are generated with audacity software

Enjoy, thanks for listening and
Peace on Your Way,
the very Real Horst from town Duisburg in Germany


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