March 18th, 2014

Sound of additional Dr. Schüssler cell salt No. 25 Aurum chloride sodium [HNa[AuCl4] * 2H2O] and single modules for this.

this is the very Real Horst from town Duisburg in Germany.
The Dr. Schüssler Salts help to activate healing processes thus allowing regeneration and stabilisation the body's health.
Here I share one of my sound-versions of additional Dr. Schüssler cell salt No. 25 Aurum chloride sodium [HNa[AuCl4] * 2H2O] with You, as well as some single modules from this. All modules based on Lamour Frequencies generated as binaural beat with diff of Golden Ratio I generated an mixed with software audacity.
As for Frequencies of Elements, 79 Au Gold Aurum Lamor Frequencies are 36,44 and 39,29 Hz; I used 39,29 Hz. Sound of gold is dominant very deep and strong.; listen to single modules, of Hydrogen:
two versions binaural with golden means 1H Hydrogen 128,70 Hz and 1H Hydrogen 294,79 Hz. One 3H Hydrogen 447,69 and one of 2H Hydrogen 326,78 Hz;
Chlorine, I share two versions with You 17 Cl Chlor 37 [in Cl4 173,62 four audio tracks based Golden Ratio]; 17 Cl Chlor 37 [in Cl4 187,16 four audio tracks based Golden Ratio as well];
strange sound of water 2 versions are: 2 x H2O [two tracks for 294,79 Hz with Golden Ratio] [Oxygen one track 311,10 Hz Golden Means] and 2 x H2O [128,70 Hz Golden Ratio for 2 audio tracks Hydrogen] [Oxygen 288,59 Hz as Golden Means]
Sound of Sodium Lamour Frequency 11 Na Sodium Natrium with 606,99 Hz.
Aurum chloride sodium is found in Pineal gland, heart, liver and is used against Rhythm disturbances, gynaecological disorders; Specialties Body-Rhythms; read list of usage here:
best outcome by listening to with headphones.

Thanks for Your interest I hope
that You will find true
Peace on Your Way
the very Real Horst

The Schuessler biochemic cell salts are homeopathically dynamised mineral salts.
All these mineral salts are found in the tissue of the human body. Therefore these mineral salts are called "cell salts" or "tissue salts".
The most important cell salts are the wellknown twelve basic cell salts. They were developed by Dr. Schüssler himself.
These 12 basic cell salts are available in a lot of countries worldwide.
His pupils developed additional fifteen cell salts. They were discovered after Dr. Schuesslers lifetime as a part of the body. These salts are called addiational or supplement cell salts. Three of these supplement salts came even later than the salts from 13 to 24 and, hence, are not recognised by all practitioners.
The additional cell salts can't be found everywhere. In some countries (i.e. USA) there are only few vendors who offer them.

About Larmor frequencies:


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