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Chvad SB has been performing and recording music since 1991 and has played with a wide range of innovative and envelope-pushing bands, such as THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN (Invisible Records, Facility Records), Tongue Muzzle (Facility Records), The Qualia (WTII Records) and experimental music pioneers Controlled Bleeding (Wax Trax, Soleil Moon, others).

Chvad SB’s experiments with sound focus on finding new sounds and textures, but always with a human edge. Using a wide variety of instruments including modular synthesizers, found objects, hand-built instruments, guitars, and voice, Chvad SB builds soundscapes that are as unsettling as they are familiar. Many compositions and shows are entirely improvisational in nature while others are arranged and developed over years.

Chvad SB recently scored the feature film “GUT” which has been praised repeatedly for effectively establishing the subtle and uneasy tone of the film. His first collection of dark-ambient solo recordings titled Crickets were the Compass has received nothing but praise. In late 2015 Chvad will be releasing the audio/video piece entitled Phenomenalism, Cartesian Doubt and Bomb #20 and beginning work on the score for the feature film Ayla.

Reviews for GUT: Original Motion Picture Score
“Unsettling.” – Variety
“A great score.” – Terror Hook
“A very effective droning soundtrack that creates a sense of creepiness and unease that gets under your skin.” – The Rotting Zombie
“The score has an impressive simplicity to it (that) plays beautifully with the visuals and creates a real sensory treat for the audience.” – Knived in Venice

Chvad has been a member of or performed with the following bands:
things outside the skin (current)
The Qualia (current)
Tongue Muzzle (current)
Controlled Bleeding (current)
Mr. 1-2-3-4 (formerly The 1-2-3-4)
Blood in Vain
Sealed in Silence
Hate in the Box

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This is a plastic wall clock recording close to the clock mechanism on the rear of the clock. Recording with ...