Pack: Footsteps wood by sturmankin

Pack info

This pack contains the following footwear in a) walking, b) shuffling, c) running, and d) getting on/off mode on a wooden surface:

1. bare feet;
2. socks;
3. slippers;

5. summer shoes;
6. ballerinas;
7. leather sandals;
8. woman's shoes;
9. high heels;
10. sneakers;
11. low sneakers;
12. squeaky sport shoes;
13. sport shoes;
14. light shoes;
15. dark shoes;
16. trekking shoes;
17. boots;
18. trekking boots.

Use with Audacity's Change Tempo effect to match your frequency and Reverb to change the room size.

Watch out for more surfaces that are on their way to freesound.

  • Pack created on: May 5, 2015, 6:02 p.m.
  • Number of sounds: 68
  • Number of downloads: 185

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