August 19th, 2007

Not particularly good quality: rather distant subject with quite a bit of wind noise, crows, geese, and motor cars. I'm not sure if this is usable by anybody (hmm... maybe as background FX at a very low level), but as I didn't see any other loon recordings here yet I'm posting it till I get a better sample... There are four loon calls: the hoot, wail, tremolo and yodel. I'm not exactly sure which these are - perhaps someone can set me straight! :-)This is .ogg because I'm on a very poor dialup connection. If I get anything better I'll send it as a wav.


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    CtoC 7 years, 4 months ago

    Actually, with some editing, it as turned into a very good random some for my Atmosphere program.

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    andreasmenn 7 years, 5 months ago

    Actually I have no "professional" use for it now. I was looking for some engine sounds !! But it made me listen immediately. Now I want to go to canada. Thanks for this tiny holiday!

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    curtisrandolph 8 years ago

    This is sure a lot better than no loon!

    Actually, for what I'm doing this is perfect. The setting is a little windy any way. Thanks!

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    stackpool 10 years, 5 months ago

    Thanks for your comments ERH! I think it's the Great northern diver, but I think the calls are similar. Not sure, but I think the Red throated diver has a half-octave difference in the call.

    BTW, yep, we have good wildlife here, but also lots of weather! I hope to get these guys again on a calm day with no wind or rain. There's not only eagles here at the very tip of Cape Breton, but also kingfishers galore and an osprey a couple of kilometres downstream of our house. He's pretty cute - looks like a penguin sitting in a tree!

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    ERH 10 years, 5 months ago

    As you say, the quality is not great. The actual sound of wind is fine - it adds to the feel - but like the rest of us you have suffered from wind noise and handling noise. But this a really nice upload anyway because the bird sounds are so strange and evocative. I think what you call a loon in the States is what we call a Red Throated Diver in the uk. Here they are uncommon and rarely heard but this took me straight back to a great holiday in Sutherland - a wild part of Scotland where there were a lot of "loons" breeding. Thanks for the upload - please let us have more if you can overcome the noise problem.


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