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Machinima director/producer (beginner) and expressing myself on this way, I just love what I do!!! spyVspy aeon it is only an extension of my real personality. Before establishing the company (yourmachinima.com), worked as producer on the virtual platform for over a year (more than 4 1/2 years of 3D platform). Addicted to discover the characteristics of editing tools, I intend to deliver productions in high end quality. Since December 2007, I worked with many artists both in real life and in Second Life Machinima many of whom, collaborative work (non-profit projects). Yourmachinima is website machinima channel free and open to anyone, showing the best of what happens in the world of Machinima. Our services are totally unique. The client maintains their film rights (according to your desire) and take care of filming, post-processing and dissemination on the target audience. We can customize the distribution of the film by the method of delivery by country (or parents). If you want to distribute your film in digital format, this is not a problem. The studio offers services spyVproductions animation and graphics, including corporate video, voice over movies (voiceover), Ad Film, video recording, film business, video documentary, multimedia CD presentation, Video Services for shooting indoor and outdoor applications with extreme quality. Although we also deliver our work to other professionals such as high quality as partners - PookyMediaFilms (For Pooky and Russell), highly recommended.

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