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I appreciate that you're here.

Sound alchemi is my special super power - carving melodic sound vibrations out of sine waves, saw waves, pulse waves, square waves and even noise.

When it comes to sound I love going as deep as I can - getting into the nitty gritty of the physics of sound. I love formulas tricks and tips that help me become a "better" (subjective) musician.

Rather than just copying the styles of other musicians - I seek to learn the foundations of rhythm, sound, harmony, bass frequencies and how to synthesize/recreate certain sounds.

I found that looking closely at psychology, sociology, and other ways of seeing the world - has encouraged me to become a better musician, sound designer and artist.

In order to be a true sound alchemist I must delve deeply into the mysterious of sound and discover how sound works in our physical world. - It's what I aim to specialize in.

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