July 6th, 2015

Forum request:
I would like a voice clip of a sexy-ish female voice edited to sound like a robot computer. (Kind of like Vox in Jimmy Neutron, if you need a point of reference). The voice will be used to explain the goal of this maze game I'm working on in Unity.

Here are the lines, if you would like to help:

"Welcome to the maze." [PAUSE]

"If this is your first time here, I shall explain the rules" [PAUSE]

"You see that door to the left of you? That door requires a key card to open." [PAUSE]

"In fact, all of the doors here require key cards to open." [PAUSE]

"In this maze, you will need to find and collect the key card in each room, to proceed to the next." [PAUSE]

"To open each door, approach the console with key card in hand, and it will open." [PAUSE]

"You may encounter perilous traps, tricky puzzles, and secret rooms in your quest." [PAUSE]

"Come and play with us - Forever... And ever... and EVER!!!" [LONGER PAUSE]

"Bye-Bye!" [END]


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