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Where opportunities are created and aspiring Music Industry Professionals Advance their Careers to the Next Level.I'm Sound Designer, Foley Artist, Arabic & Western New Age & Classical Music Composers at light bug media productions. For over 15 years i have been scoring music for Serials / T.V & Radio Commercials / short films and Musical Albums over the MUSIC COMPOSER my mission in life is to mix cultures thru music industry by dealing with many musicians around the world to play or to exchange cultural music or musical instruments to do the dissemination of cultural openness between peoples.FOR EXAMPLE, I can add Indian instruments to your pop song or Ukrainian dudok to your jazz song or Arabic scales by Arabic instruments to your soul song … and so FOLEY ARTIST i create sounds for movie, television and theater productions that mimic the inherent sounds of daily life to add realism to the story being told through the actors.My job is to provide and controls a variety of sounds throughout the SOUND DESIGNER i normally manipulates existing audio effects through mixing or distortion to create the desired sounds, on the other hand, is typically expected to create natural sounds through maneuvering everyday objects. Some of the most common sounds required to be produced. 
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