September 16th, 2009

This sample pack contains real snare drum samples, each of which has two versions. The NOH ("No Overheads") mono version is just the close mics with processing and sometimes plugins. The WOH ("With Overheads") versions add the overhead mics of the kit to this.

These samples were recorded in the studio by five different drummers using several different snare drums in three different tracking rooms. The close mics are mostly a combination of Josephson e22S and Shure SM57 although Sennheiser MD421s, Beyer Dynamic M201s and Audio Technica ATM-250s were also used. Preamps were mainly NPNG and API although Neve, Amek and Millennia Media were also used. Compression was mostly Symetrix 501 and ART Levelar although Drawmer and Focusrite were also used. The overhead mics were mostly Lawson FET47s although Neumann TLM103s, AKG C414s and a C426B were also used. All sources were recorded into Pro Tools using either Frontier Design Group or Digidesign converters with final edits being performed in Cool Edit Pro.

Hint: To get the overheads only, flop the phase of the close mic NOH sample and mix 50/50 with the WOH sample.


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