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Who am I?
I am a techno/tech house producer. I also have a background in creating fresh and new sample packs from the ground up using my hardware library and outboard analog kit.
Why are you uploading to free sound?
I have decided to upload free sounds for you guys to use as tools in your own work as I myself am sick at the moment. I have a lot of time on my hands, and a lot of content to share. I also believe the tools needed to create music should be free. not for monetary gain. I don't even accept donations or anything nor will I.
Keep in mind, this is also a place for myself to be able to access the sounds I created when not at home etc. Because all the samples I upload, will be the ones I use too. My samples are always made from the ground up,You never have to worry about that!
Techniques and source?
Using techniques I have learned over the last 13 years as a producer & background in music production and sound design. No matter what you make, I can assure you, over time. You will find something of mine useful, whether its beat production, sound design, or film and cinema.. I aim to gain some recognition on here as well, as a 'secret source' so to speak.
Shall I credit you?
Only if you want to. Not a necessity. I want people to ask you where you get your samples from, because I know these tools will help you stand out..whether you are pro, or novice.
Anything I need to know?
All i ask is you never ever 'sell' my sounds. Yeah sell your finished product, but not the tools!
Who are your life influencers & motivation?
My influence in sound design started at a very young age. I had this cool waterproof sony walkman, And I used to carry a bag full of cassette tapes, & when I was in school, I was basically beatport or iTunes. all my friends would tell their friends hey if you need an album or song on tape, This is the guy.
I would sell mixtape from 5 to 10 bucks each. Basically id buy a box full of TDK tapes in bulk, And I had a brother who worked in a record store, which sold vinyl to djs, & upstairs was a cd store. So anything that came out and needed, Id go there after school, record what I needed. And next day my friends would pay me. lol it was only to really pay for my lunch. But, I LOVED doing it. I made a lot of people happy. That made me feel good. So, times were tough and I never had rich parents or anything. My dad collected 78s and owned a non profitable record store as well full of old records. He also made a living selling classic music, only vinyl. & when I met a friend in 8th grade who was a DJ, I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was 16 when I bought my first set of brand new technics 1200s. & the ONLY reason i could afford them is because my mum had won some money at bingo. lol
Were you ever a fairly well known DJ? yes! I have had a lot of success as a DJ as well. Playing in ibiza, under numerous alias, And I also played as a resident on FM radio on a show called beats per minute on RTR FM in australia. It was the longest running dance radio show program in the world up until its demise. Actually ended shortly after I left for a few reasons unknown to me.
So, anyway, thats some of my backstory, My current day influencers, are always changing.
but, artists like rene amez, mark knight & the guys at dirty bird, and toolroom records, claude von stroke, eats everything, cats n dogs, sample magic ( they make great sounds) and then I like techno by adam beyer and nicole moudaber.(drumcode) among many more. the list is endless.

So now you know a bit about me. i wish you a great career ahead. And if you ever feel like collaborating. I use ableton, cubase and logic as my main daws.
I am also always up for a gig or tour as well! My mixes are always on point! :-)
I will be posting my DJ mixes up on mix cloud soon. So keep an eye out for that.
You can hear some of my music on soundcloud as well.
Go make some music!!!

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