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An alarm I made in Sylenth by distorting a sine wave mixed with a triangle wave. I then notched stuff ...

February 25th, 2017
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A siren noise. From the creator of "Gears Of Destruction". Use freely and check out my Industrial muSICK!!

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Loopable noise of industrial machines processing something in a large space. Based on 385943. Paulstretched and made loopable. No need ...

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A British sounding siren from World War II uploaded by guitarguy1985, reduced to 15 seconds, half the time - to ...

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BIG STAB 2 track recording of an old bare piano soundboard manipulated in various ways. Recordings made with 2 mxl ...

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Gong hit sound effect. I recorded the original sound on a two-track tascam recorder and then processed it in ableton ...

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April wasn't finished with me that night, so I had to start another recording. She sucks me back to life ...

February 5th, 2018
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Public Domain license
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Recorded at a political rally. No discernable words, just clapping, a trumpet playing a fanfare, whistles and bells ringing.