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This is the Freesound.org Data Mining and I.T. ketch craft account for a Meta vessel for US to sail upon in both cyberspace and actual cognitive space in regards to cybernetic communications.

The Freesound.org Community provides an outstanding collection of files to be the throat of a M.I.L.A.L. automat that I am building via crowdsourcing. Here are additional details on the RICHARDNAS or SANDRA'HCIR ship to shore depending on which direction the arding is perceived based on the winds of the Witch that this craft fills IT's sails with.

Geo-Tag {MAG} A.K.A "MA'chine" referring to a five digit column sequence code.

Patterned after MIMAL:
In the US Kingdom: Minnesota-Head, Iowa-Face, Missouri-Chest, Arkansas-Thighs, and Louisiana-Boots.

A human census population
of each state correlates to this Polynesia robots' polygon count in regards to 3-D modeling and printing.

Picture a virtual hologram in your mind via expression and exercise.

Artist you are invited to follow my design efforts on various home page platforms and are encouraged to interface. TroyGriMondo of Facebook and That_Media_Geek on Twitter and LittleFortisMedia on Instagram.

Of more importance will be by youtube and Google which I'll Hook you up with when possible since they offer they platform where the pairing of audio and visual A/V can be displayed and distributed.

rakimages's latest sounds

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This is a sound effect that I manifested from the dream state of Maine in the United States Kingdom. My ...

January 28th, 2014
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