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Qubenzis Psy Audio

Perpetually investigating the core of the psychedelic trance culture, namely the music. Join me in my journey cruising throughout synthesized electronic music soundscapes, loops and samples.

For complete songs and more music by Qubenzis Psy Audio try visiting my (psy) free downloads page (on qubenzis.com) where I posted loads of free tracks, mixes and a multitude of sounds suited for electronic music production.


The sounds posted here are a by-product of QPA's electronic music production. You are allowed to sample, mash-up, or otherwise creatively transform all samples and loops posted by me for commercial or noncommercial purposes according to Qubenzis Psy Audios Customized Creative Commons License Attributed

Specified by QPA as follows (condensed version):

When used commercially in music production you're urged to credit Qubenzis.com and Qubenzis Psy Audio for Royalty Rights when you register tracks where QPA's music is prominent (i.g., one can hear it's my music. Applies more to complete songs and very long samples). This would include when registering such tracks for commercial Radio playlists or any other situation where copyright issues regarding origin are addressed. If you have questions you're welcome to contact me here or send a message to me here on Freesound

For Non Commercial, purposes, e.g., file-sharing, web-casting, Youtube, to perform, display, and distribute copies of your artistic work where QPA's Samples or Loops are present in the music, please put a link with my name Qubenzis Psy Audio to http://qubenzis.com. And if you publish music off-line, containing my stuff, I'm sure you can think up a way to credit QPA. Any effort is truly appreciated. I think it might be wise to read my customized Creative Commons Attributed Sampling License at least once, especially if you feel unsure regarding what's allowed or not.

Ricky - Q.P.A.

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qubenzis's latest sounds

  • Currently /5 Stars.

The Muffled Static noise loop is created with no-input-mixing-desk feedback and sounds very organic though created with a controlled and ...

  • Currently /5 Stars.

Grinding almost Big Gong like noize. Reminds me of some kind of industrial deep sea port wharf machine, creating this ...

December 21st, 2012
  • Currently /5 Stars.

Created with my Nord Modular synth recorded in Ableton. Remember to rate the sound if you really like it, thanx ...

December 21st, 2012