Pack: Snaredrum-13x03inchPearl-MediumHighPitch-multisampled by quartertone

Pack info

A 1-shot sample taken of a 13-inch diameter, 3-inch deep Pearl brass piccolo snare drum, recorded with a Shure SM-58 close-mic on the batter head, an MXL 603 close-mic on the bottom (snare side) head and two Peavey electret condenser microphones in an XY pair. The drum was fitted with an Evans G Plus (hazy) head on top and a Remo hazy ambassador snare head on bottom.

Notes for samples in this pack:

VLP = Very Low Pitch
LP = Low Pitch
MLP = Medium-Low Pitch
MP = Medium Pitch
MHP = Medium-High Pitch
HP = High Pitch
VHP = Very High Pitch

Playing style:
CS = Cross Stick Strike (Shank of stick strikes the rim while the butt of the stick rests on the head)
HdC = Head-Center Strike
HdE = Head-Edge Strike
RS = Rimshot (Simultaneous head and rim) Strike
Rm = Rim Strike

Snare Strainer settings:
0Sn = Snares off
LSn = Loose Snares
TSn = Tight Snares

v## =the number designation for the velocity with which the instrument was played

  • Pack created on: April 5, 2012, 11:38 p.m.
  • Number of sounds: 240
  • Number of downloads: 842

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