December 21st, 2005

Stereo recording of wind chimes. Field recording with AT-822 microphone, no processing, normalized to -3 dB peak. MP3, 128 kbps.


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    Joen 11 years, 9 months ago

    Beautiful piece.

    I used this piece as ambience for my graphical installment, "meadow", visible here:

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    FabioKeiner 11 years, 12 months ago

    wonderful work I always wanted and needed!

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    psakion 12 years ago

    Ok, it has been rerecorded. We couldn't get the bird to be quiet, but it was recorded with an excellent microphone and preamp, DPA precision condenser microphone ($3000 mic!). The MP3's have the full recording and the WAV files are excerpts of these MP3. Enjoy!

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    lebaron 12 years ago

    I also would love for you to re-record these beautiful sounding chimes again. If you could minimize the background sound that would fabulous. They sound so pure. Personally the longer the file the better. I plan on using the file for a meditation tune I will make.
    Thanks for sharing your chimes! Bob

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    Heigh-hoo 12 years ago

    Hi, Paul.
    I'm excited to know that you will record that wonderful sound again. I also use MiniDisk recorder and plug-in-power stereo microphone for recording. Just setting recording mode from "AUTO" to "MANUAL" brings natural feeling to the sound. If circumstances permit, using mic-pre and line imput of MiniDisk recorder is the best, I think. (That should sound 'heaven.')
    Speaking of the length of the sound, I like it to be around one minute of non-compressed waves. If you take it for a kind of a 'music', long length is understandable enough. Fading is of your preference. Whichever it be, we listners respect the way creator does.
    I hope you will enjoy recording the sound !

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