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Jeff Gust has been an active studio percussionist, session player, music educator and audio engineer since 1990. Jeff has recorded numerous commercial spots, jingles and “music beds” and has recorded and performed with such artists as Kristina Ingham, Hazel Miller, Vanilla Ice, and Sevendust.

During more than twenty years of touring, performing and recording music, Jeff spent many hours recording and sound engineering in a variety of studio settings. Through this, he gained invaluable experience in the application of various microphone and recording techniques , as well as audio engineering from such notable engineer’s as Kirby Orrick (Time Capsule Studios) and Jeremy Lawton (Big Head Todd & the Monsters). Jeff co-engineered and co-produced four regionally successful albums (ION “Gross National Product”, ION “Arma”, Blister66 “White Trash Summer”, and Locus “Habit@”). Jeff has also written and arranged music literature for marching bands, and has composed and recorded for film and TV.

Beginning in 2001, Jeff started experimenting with sound manipulation and sound design. He excelled at developing simple field recordings into full-blown soundscapes and productions. In recent years, Jeff has collaborated with audio engineer, Greg Lopez (Air Supply, Linkin Park) to field test scratch built hardware such as pre-amps and sound wave modulators (synthesizers) to create and augment sounds.

Currently, Jeff enjoys composing and designing sound as part of the world-wide collaboration project Audiophoric, a project he founded in Denver, Colorado in 2013, showcasing talents and sounds created by artists from more than 3 continents.