Sounds downloaded by polityko

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sound of a soldier fleeing the battlefield. This is a mixture of various sounds downloaded from 198849__bone666138__war-ensemble 201671__frankie01234__mp5-submachine-gun-down-the-street 96973__kizilsungur__military_alarm …

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I slowed down the old "clicking_01" sound and added some echo. Kind of sounds like some guns shooting. Edited in …

October 30th, 2014
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I grabbed my recorder and recorded crows screaming and flying above me. Also, there is a sound of a chimney …

  • Currently /5 Stars. looped versions of the tracks in my bandcamp for free download, as well as "indoor" versions of the rain …

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Fake fart sound made with rubbery material. Recorded with PAW 120 digital recorder's internal stereo mic.