March 10th, 2017

This standup bass was sampled using a direct pickup as well as stereo overhead mics for some room ambience. Articulations include a normal pizzicato, or finger plucked note; a stopped note as performed with the finger; a stopped note performed Bartok style; and some miscellaneous sound effects: a slide by the hand down the strings, a slap on the strings, and a knock on the wooden body of the bass. Do enjoy; feedback is welcome!


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    pjcohen 5 days, 23 hours ago

    Jeff, bigcat: I'm in the middle of editing an extended version of this sample pack using the original recording sessions. Version 2.0 will include a couple different dynamics of bowed samples, but not trills or dynamic changes. There will also be more round robin samples for each articulation; 4 for a regular pluck, and 2 round robins for each of two dynamics of the Bartok articulation. If I remember, I'll send you guys a message when the new version is released. Thanks for your support!

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    bigcat1969 8 months ago

    I made these samples into a Kontakt instrument, I hope that meets your approval.

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    pjcohen 8 months ago

    Jeff - I do have some bowed performances from the same recording session, both with and without vibrato. However, simulating the performances of an orchestral bass is a daunting task since there are a lot of nuances within the dynamic range of the instrument, not to mention tremolos and trills. That being said, I am looking into the possibility of doing a second version of the jazz standup bass set, with variations of each articulation so you're not hearing the same sample each time. I am hoping to upload a version with 4 or more performances of the normal pizzicato and at least 2 for the finger and Bartok stops. If this does not prove too cumbersome for FreeSound's file system, then I'll consider adding in the bowed performances.

    So glad you liked the pack - thanks for your feedback!

    -- Phill

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    j_e_f_f_g 8 months ago

    This is one of the best recorded/edited packs on freesound. I'll definitely be using it. You don't even get some of these articulations in commercial products. If you ever get a chance to do bowed bass, that would easily make this the best, and most complete, free double-bass package.


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