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September 19th, 2016

This 6:17 minute cut from a 25:00 PiV (Penis in Vagina) sex session that features loud doggystyle sexual intercourse between two young consenting adults. Recorded in September 2016 in a California dorm room: female is Asian, 19 y.o., male is White, 21 y.o. Both are rather slender, and have already had orgasms from oral sex. The slapping sound is made from the male's lower abdomen and testicles rhythmically striking the female's bum during rapid penetration -- the female is kneeling on the edge of a bed and the male is standing on the floor. There is no artificial birth control used -- the couple uses "natural family planning" meaning sex occurs only during infertile times of the female's ovulation cycle. Despite the loud sound of flesh slapping together, the couple is actually very slender -- the recording is natural with no effort to "act out" and there is a slight background music: classical. The parts edited out to make this 6:17 cut were aspects of PiV sex that was too quiet to hear -- other sexual positions, i.e., the female lying face-down with her stomach touching the bed, male atop, were at a much slower tempo so as to be nearly silent.


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