August 2nd, 2012

Sequence of descending tritones spanning five octaves. Just-intonation is used for the notes, with an interval of 64/45 or 45/64 (diminished-fifth) between each triplet of notes (relative to the first note of the triplet), and an interval of 32/45 (augmented fourth) between each triplet of notes ( 45/64 * 32/45 = 1/2, the ratio for going down one octave).

Each note is a based on a sythesised piped instrument with a sine-wave pitch adjustment for a vibrato-like effect.

This has been synthesised using the Kangas Sound Editor.

A possible use is in murder-mysteries or drama, when one of the characters has just had some bad news. Another possible use is for a text-alert for a smartphone.


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    Zenoni 6 years, 3 months ago

    PS: my typing sucks, and my eyes are fried... scuse the typos..

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    Zenoni 6 years, 3 months ago

    Interesting... a word to who created the sound. If you do have the opportunity to present your work to a film producer or director, don't talk about the science until your're hired. Unless I'm wrong, and you are working on major productions, Id keep it to saying you have created unique sounds/ tones/ effects, for whatever, but stay away from the tech stuff, unless asked. I don't specifically remember if it were 'King Kong,' or 'Jurrasic Park, or 'Ghost and the Darkness, (doesn't matter, (pinciple is same). Who did the fx,or whoever is responsible to execute the director's visin, often. most often experienments with many types of sound to execute the vision. One of the films mentioned, composited a lions growl, a racing engine,a dogs growl, or whatever to acheive it's end. Such is how many arrive at what they do. No rules. Science aside, the only thing which is cared about, is the final result. How you get there, is however you do. I have seen high end digital sound companies come and go, and the guys who gets the deal, may just use a handheld recorder, and knows hoew to mix eq/fs well. I can take a cheap electric guitar, run it thrugh a $200 Boss or Roland fx box, get sounds, which blow people away. I am not being negatie, or difficult. I am speaking from a lot of years of being there. What is really important, is not the science, but WHAT IS APPROPRIATE FOR THE SCENE. Regardign your sound, nice, very seventies, 'Dark Shadows.' Generally, fx or music to foreshadow in heavy drama, or accompaning an event, ,' is done in the lower register. You sound is more directed to 'tension,' stress. Unless, it's low budget, human reaction is going to be sounding a bit more organic. Just a thougt to consider. I probably would not have said anything, but when I saw the comment re the movie application, it drew me in.

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    Fiercedad 6 years, 4 months ago

    You are a god damn audio scientist. This completely surpassed my expectations when I went looking for any solid descending sound effect. Thank you.


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