August 16th, 2006

Recording of a police scanner


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    bdean_182 4 years, 9 months ago

    Cheers, appears on episode 3 of our podcast www.soundcloud.com/casefile

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    TiAmIsTiAm 7 years, 11 months ago

    Awesome sample; love the weird skittery noises in there, and the almost semi-intelligible voices. Used it in this track: Strangee(They Been Lyin' to Ya). Starts at 0:36 and goes til about 1:11. Cheers, Tiam is Tiam

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    iijii 10 years, 4 months ago

    thought that went through my head when i found this sound:

    "Oh FINALLY a good police station sound without typewriters and too much talking. oo- it's "two" let's see if this guy has any more."

    "huh, he hospital machines and waiting rooms too. how uncanny."

    "Buzzers? let's listen to one. 'Sarah and Caesar'? Wow, we're designing the SAME SHOW.

    "While doing design for 6 years I've never actually come across someone else's cues for the show I'm designing for. awesome."

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    joedeshon 11 years, 1 month ago

    I used this sample in my composition "Introduce the Band" at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVqhZ35-SOs

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    Doctor Blubber 12 years, 5 months ago

    Just what I was looking for! Thanks a bunch!

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