June 13th, 2010

Returned to ye ol' Boykin Springs last week and decided to go hunting for thunderstorms. Manged to run into one, but soon after arriving and beginning recording, 2 sets of campers set up shop within 30 yards of the mics. Issues abounded and the recording here is what was left over that was usable. I learned one thing - generators are LOUD! Anyhow, no generators in this sample. Had to remove that to have anything worthwhile. You'll notice a couple of campers voices near the very end of this piece. After fighting with removing so much unusable material, I decided I could live with a couple of seconds of voices (not very audible, but still there) after such a nice rain storm. Just got tired of chopping I guess.

I used 2 Rode NT1A mics with a Marantz PMD661 recorder. Set up for recording inside the entrance to a log pavilion in the middle of the park, built 40+ years ago I believe. Not for sure on that - I haven't located the exact date online yet. There's just lots of dates and names carved into the logs over the years, some dating back to the early 60s. I used a 140 degree angle with 20cm between the center of mic capsules. I also encoded this sound as an mp3 (at 320 kbps) because the original 10 minute .wav file was going to be somewhat big for uploading.

As always the download sounds much better than the sample above due to freq's above 11kHz that freesound removes (most likely for bandwidth reasons).


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    D.D Mcix 1 year, 3 months ago


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    DebbieMarie54 1 year, 11 months ago

    Very clear recording. Need many more like this one. Thanks a million.

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    2887679652 6 years ago

    Hum i like this, clear and crisp. could use some work, but still very good.


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