May 6th, 2018

A powerful AR15 rifle being fired.


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    Dogammite 1 month ago


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    simonsanches 11 months, 2 weeks ago

    Thanks!! Greate and Natural sound!

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    superfreq 12 months ago

    Yeah fare enough that's allot of cash. this one turned out better as well, it may not have a ton of bass and it may not be in stereo, but it's still a great recording and the birds can be cut out without damaging the tail since their was barely one anyway, so in the end that's actually a plus.
    I like how snappy it is too, it's cool that you managed to get that much volume out of it without distortion.

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    michorvath 1 year ago

    By "clean", I am referring to the fact that I have not processed the sound. The fade in and fade out the beginning, but other than that, I didn't do anything to any of my gun sounds. Also, I am recording with a Sennheiser MKH 416 which is a very quiet microphone. Since I do not have a pre-amp, a humming is usually heard in my recordings. I can't really fix that as the pre-amp I want is $1000 and I have other things I need to purchase first. :)

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    superfreq 1 year ago

    Good sound! but I wouldn't call it clean...
    You've got birds in most of them that obscure the tail, so if you can shoot at night than that'd be better unless you also have a ton of crickets :@ stupid nature!
    Your microphone/recorder also seems to have a low, bassy buzzing hum that you can hear sometimes, that might be a badly shielded cable or something?
    Either way it didn't distort, which is pretty damned impressive for someone doing this for the first time (at least I assume) so good job on the mic placement!
    Even though I wouldn't use it my self in a game or first person perspective film right now, I think it could still do well as a background element, so thank you very much for uploading and adding to the library.


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