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I have been making music of an experimental bent since 1990, when my friend Blake Edwards (now of Vertonen and CIP records) and I formed an Industrial metal-percussion band called Derail.

In 1991, I started doing solo work as Thread, in which my main preoccupation was crafting, cutting up, manipulating, and restitching samples, both of sounds I was creating myself and found sounds, and the murky area in between the two. (Later, "Thread" had to be changed to Threadbare for legal reasons.)

In the mid 1990s, I started mixing sound collage and dark ambient sounds in my project seam pith, leading to the more noise/ambient oriented project called Nuisance Beacon in the late 1990s. A Nuisance Beacon CD was released on CIP in 2000. Since then, I have been mostly focused on the eclectic experimental project, shimsewn (Facebook profile).

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