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I am part of an unusual occult-influenced, non-Satanic, non-Christian, experimental multimedia project: Choronzon, in which I represent the Western Cell and the talented P. Emerson Williams, who lives in Florida, represents the East. For more information see our websites. The above is the project blog, but has some esoteric writings, by both self and others, about the entity both East and West Cell members ackgnowledge as the 'band's' third member, even though CHORONZON is a xenodimensional, and thus invisible and unknown to most persons. He once represented just another demonic minion, but has since, in this century, become far more complex and interesting. Each one of our productions represents a long-term effectuation, or 'magick ritual', with serious intent and frequent success, when things fall together and we can give our all!

I will also begin sharing sounds soon and am thankful for those who put theirs in the public domain: I am finding them quite useful for the latest production.

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