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[ this pack is still under construction == not all the files are uploaded or moderated now - come back later if you want them all ;) ]

the dry samples are from a classic (diy) dubsiren build by me. its a squarewave synth. add delay and some chorus, reverb, (resonant)(auto) filter or so to get the typical dubby soundsystem style.
Want instant spacesounds? use the processed files.

Mono, 48khz, 16bit, raw files:
- dubsiren_modsquare_oneshot-xxx.wav - stable pitch and mod speed (higher number == higher pitch)
- dubsiren_modsquare_sweep-xxx.wav - pitch and mod speed changed
- dubsiren_nomod_notename.wav - stable pitch tuned to notename

Stereo 48khz, 24bit, processed files:
- dubsiren_processed_stereo-xxx.wav - this files are created from the raw files (added filter, bitcrusher, chorus, pseudostereo - FXs). this are ready to use files just add verb and a lot of delay to it

coming soon:
- demotrack on soundcloud (so far you can listen here)
- modulated with triangle lfo

Q: the sample is to long, what can i do?
A: just cut the sample in your DAW or Audioeditor, but watch the zero crossing

Q: free means free?
A: yes free means free, use this in any kind of production you want, you dont have to pay a beer or somthing else.

Q: the samples sounds so boring...
A: add some room with a reverb and some delay to it

Q: ok i added they still so "clean"
A1: you can try some filtering - FilterCrusher or Kjaerhus Classic Auto-Filter
A2: add a chorus or pseudostereo FX
A3: add a bitcrusher - TAL BitCrusher

Q: is this the typical 8 bit sound?
A: technically, the siren is a 1 bit synth. (on off on off on...) but sounds similar, especially when you add some (soft) bitcrusher FX to it

thanx & praise:
goes to larryatthecoast

  • Pack created on: March 4, 2015, 8:50 p.m.
  • Number of sounds: 122
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